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Autoimmune diseases are facing a big unattention. These diseases affect 8% of population and more than 75% of cases occur in women. ImmuCure, developed by Pronacera, is validating a system of optimization and improvenment of Extracorporeal Photopheresis (ECP) treatments for immune disorders.


Patients who have immulogical disorders suffer many complications derived from inhibition of the immune system.

In addition, the selective extraction treatments of blood cells along with phototherapy are tremendously unspecific, having a variable effect in the patients attending to its diversity. As consequence of this lack of specificity, different responses to same treatments are given.


Pronacera, within ImmuCure, is developing a system of optimization and improvement of Extracorporeal Photopheresis (ECP) treatments through the determination of apoptosis and secondary necrosis levels in bloobd cells before the treatment, that will allow to personalize the immunomodulatory treatment without immunosuppression in patients.

This system allows us to modulate the process for each patient and improve their treatment and therefore their queality of life.


ImmuCure presents two main advantages that emerge from the same technology creating personalized treatment protocols by measuring the apoptotic state of theri own blood cells Furthermore drug screening platforms will help pharmaceutical companies to have a new tool to evaluate the sucess of new treatments or the repositioning of treatments approved by EMA and FDA.


Pronacera has implemented a hybrid business model in which besides the line ImmuCure with the development of systems for optimization and improvement of ECP treatments, it gets return with the distribution of genetic kits for assisted reproduction, gynecology, fertility, cancer, cardiology and human health.


  • The project aims to help all patients worldwide who receive photopheresis treatments by customizing the process.
  • ImmuCure provides an effective procedure for all patients, decreasing the sessions received per person.


José A Sánchez Alcázar – Founder & Scientific director

David Cotán Marín – Founder & CTO

Antonio Martinez Lara – Project Manager