In Europe, fibromyalgia affects 12 million people whose quality of life is diminished. FibroCure, a Pronacera proyect, aims to provide bettter care and higher quality of life to 1.6 million spanish people through its assustance in the diagnosis and both molecular and genetic monitoring.


Patients with fibromyalgia have a significantly diminished quality of life.

As a result of the scarcity of diagnostic methods, drugs screening platfoms and effective treatments, these patients derive in an extensive use of medical care.

In addition, they suffer a loss of their individual productivity that often lead to depression.


Pronacera, within FibroCure, is developing effective diagnostic markers both at th molecular and genetic level which will allow a correct diagnosis and follow-up, in addition to predicting predisposition of an individual to suffer fribromyalgia.

In addition, we have developep both cellular and animals screening platforms that allow effective drug screening which will lead to the development and repositioning of new drugs.


FibroCure has four advantages that are reflected in four lines: Fibrokit, molecular test for the diagnosis of fibromyalgia, FibroGen, genetic predisposition study, FibroMap, transcriptomic pharmaceutical companies to have a new tool to evaluate sucess of new treatments.


Pronacera has implemented a hybrid business model in which besides the line FibroCure with the development of kits for fibroMyalgia, it gets return with the distribution of genetic kits for assisted reproduction, gynecology, fertility, cancer, cardiology and human health.


  • The project aims to help 5% of the woldwide population suffering from fibromyalgia
  • Fibrocure currently has a 100% positive impact and a perfect correlation in patients in which it has influenced (n=50)


José A Sánchez Alcázar - Founder & Scientific director

David Cotán Marín - Founder & CTO

Antonio Martinez Lara - Project Manager