Genetic Test for General Hereditary Cancer

The HC-Gen Test of GenStudies is a genetic test that allows simultaneous detection of mutations in different genes related to major hereditary cancer syndromes. It is a tremendously powerful complete panels test including breast, ovarian, uterus, colon and pancreas cancer confirming hereditary mutations in almost 40 genes. Individually mutations in each one of these genes can be considered as rare, but collectively they represent a broad spectrum of the susceptibility to hereditary cancer. This panel is particularly suitable for families with shared characteristics of various hereditary cancer syndromes. It is a service extensively tested and employing targeted exons NGS technology which is confirmed by Capillary sequencing (Sanger)

  • Analyzes 37 genes and 89 genetic variants involved with an increased risk of developing a wide range of types of Cancer.
  • Helps to reduce the risk of cancer and delay its onset.
  • Facilitates the detection of cancer at an early and more responsible stage. It can provide useful information for possible risk reduction.
  • Suitable for individuals with a familial branch cancer history (1st, 2nd or 3rd degree by the mother or father line)
  • The test has a sensitivity of 99%.
  • The kit uses total peripheral blood or saliva.
  • Results available from 30 days (12 weeks for very complex cases) with shipping at room temperature.



  • Breast, ovarian, uterus, colon and pancreas hereditary

Pre and post-test comprehensive genetic counseling by our technicians with advanced specific training and facilitate informed decision-making for each patient.