Genetic Test Hypertension Predisposition

The DNArterial® from Heart Genetics is a genetic test for hereditary Arterial Hypertension (AHTN), new in the world, related with the genetic risk of Essential Hypertension and Associates Cardiovascular Episodes. This kind of heart disease have a global estimated prevalence of 40% in adults over 25 years as the leading cause of worldwide heart failure deaths either directly or indirectly from cardiovascular events, stroke, etc. It is a widely tested service as it uses the Genotyping technology iPlex MassArray equipment Thermo Scientific™.

  • Analyzes 37 genes and 57 genetic variants distinguish between people with high or low hypertension risk at an early stage, especially important for patients at low genetic risk.
  • Indicated for people with personal or familial hypertension history
  • Suitable for individuals with no ancestry of AHTN but exposed to environmental risk factors such as rich salt diet, fast food abuse, sedentary lifestyle, smoking, alcoholism, anxiety, stress.
  • 82% accuracy in the Personalized Individual Risk Classification of disease.
  • Detailed diagnosis of AHTN with assistance to clinical evaluation.
  • Helps to establish therapeutic measures and identifies relatives with increased risk.
  • The test has an accuracy of 99%.
  • The kit uses total peripheral blood (4 mL or 2x3mL EDTA or CITRATE tubes) or Saliva to perform genotyping in multiple chip
  • Results available from 10 days with delivery at room temperature



  • Pharmacogenetic effect of anti-hypertensive agents.

Pre and post-test comprehensive genetic counseling by our technicians with advanced specific training and facilitate informed decision-making for each patient.