Personalized nutritional study

GeneXVitae is a simple, accurate and comprehensive genetic study that allows to establish a personalized nutritional action plan

Currently, chronic noncommunicable diseases such as cardiovascular disease, obesity, cancer and diabetes are responsible of 35 million deaths per year worldwide. In Europe, these diseases accumulate for 70% of all deaths, and it is estimated that they will increase up to 80% by 2030.

People do not have the same risk of suffering from these diseases and, therefore, we  react dissimilar to a bad diet. Humans are 99.9% genetically identical while the variation in the remaining 0.1% is responsible for the existence of phenotypical differences: hair color, skin color, weight, risk of suffering from certain diseases...GeneXvitae

Nutrition is a key factor in complex diseases development . Therefore, nutrigenetics and nutrigenomics are becoming increasingly important as prevention and treatment tools.

Nutrigenetics studies the response of each individual to a specific diet, that depends, mainly,  on its individual genetic variation. The discovery of gene-nutrient interactions gives scientific support to personalized nutritional recommendations. The aim of this personal recommendations is to prevent diseases, optimize treatments and, ultimately, improve the quality of life.


In this genetic study, DNA extracted from blood or saliva samples is analyzed in order to study individual genetic variation in 107 genetic variants of 75 loci.

The variants included in the study have been associated with specific nutritional requirements. Also with sensitivity to certain components of the diet, increased risk of developing complex diseases (such as hypertension, diabetes, cardiovascular disease or hypercholesterolemia) and the effectiveness of certain pharmacological treatments.

In addition, it includes a detailed immunological study of IgG-mediated allergies and intolerances on the 46 most prominent foods against which the patient could have some intolerance.

All this information is reflected in the following areas:

Nutricion Ingles


Genotyping is performed using a DNA microchip on the Illumina Human Omni Express BeadChip processor. This microarray platform is designed to provide high sample throughput and optimal genetic analysis.

Identified associations between genes and the body's response to food intake or the genetic risk that predisposes to different diseases are supported by validated scientific studies.


On the other hand, the study of food intolerances is carried out using the semi-quantitative ELISA technique FD Professional.

With an innovative approach to personalized medicine, it provides:
1. Global and integrated vision of the genetic profile of each patient.
2. Practical and simple genetic information that has an impact on the patient's daily life.
3. Detailed action plan whose designed is based on the individual genetic profile. These recommendations are useful to avoid unnecessary nutritional restrictions and ir allows for  the elaboration of feeding action plans that are adapted to the metabolism of each individual, thus achievement facilitation of long-term objectives.

This nutrigenetic test only needs to be done once in a lifetime and the results obtained are exclusive for each individual. Results of the test can´t be used for diagnostic purposes. However, the findings obtained allow the elaboration of an action plan that is translated into recommendations It has been specially designed to be used by professionals in the field of nutrition. These professionals are the ones who have the demonstrated ability to guide the patient according to the peculiarities of each one, that is, according to their phenotype.

A correct feeding pattern may balance a genotype with tendencies to prevalent diseases!


FAQ about GeneXvitae:

GeneXvitae is a genetic test that has been designed to establish a personalized nutritional action plan adapted to your nutrigenetic profile and individual metabolisim.
In this genetic test, DNA extracted from saliva sample is analyzed in order to study individual genetic variation in 107 genetic variants of 75 genes. The variants included in the study has been scientifically associated with: Specific nutritional requirements, sensitivity to certain components on the diet, increased risk of developing complex diseases (such as hypertension, diabetes, cardiovascular disease or hypercholesterolemia), effectiveness of certain pharmacological treatments. All this information is resumed in one single report.

The general population.

GeneXvitae will provide you with detailed information about your unique genetic profile. This information will be interpreted by a nutritionist who will help you to improve your body by means of changing in your diet, daily routine and lifestyle. Those changed are addressed only for you considering your unique genetic profile and will help you to improve your health through adapting your nutrition to your genes and metabolism.

Yes, we could provide online consultations with our nutritionist. The ideal would be to arrange two consultations with the nutritionist, and more consultation can be set up for follow up of the case if required

After you received your report. You can send an email to or contact us to +34 665 71 54 51 to ask for your appointment.

The session can last between 30 to 45 minutes depending on the individual profile on the report. The content of the online consultations is the following:

- First consultation: a   full   explanation   of   the   meaning   of   the   results   obtained,   collecting   of information about feeding patter and lifestyle of the consultant in order to design a diet plan for the consultant.

- Second consultation: explanation of dietary planning, as well as recommendations and a personalized orientation menu.

- Follow-up consultations: tips to improve adherence to the meal plan and resolution of doubts.

GeneXvitae is a single test for life. Which means that the test should be done just once in a lifetime since the genetic composition of everyone is unique and unalterable.


Yes, you can provide the sample and it will not affect the results.

GeneXvitae is designed to extract DNA from saliva sample.

No, the only requirements to provide a good saliva sample are NOT been eating, drinking, smoking or chewing gum for 30 minutes before giving your sample.

  1. Ask for your kit to your nutritionist or personal trainer
  2. Follow the instruction on the kit to provide the saliva sample and fill the form with all the required information and details.
  3. Leave the sample and wait for the results.
  4. Request online consultation with a nutritionist to analyze your results.

Yes, all the information asked on the form help us to understand you and will help our laboratory team to provide a more accurate result.

The results of your analysis will be ready between 4 to 5 weeks after the sample is collected.

Certainly, GeneXvitae can provide you with detailed information about your risk of developing a disease in 5 specific areas (cardiovascular risk, food sensitivity, overweight and obesity, arterial hypertension and metabolic syndrome and diabetes). However, the result obtained cannot be used for diagnostic purpose.

The fact that you have an increased risk of developing a disease does not mean that you surely will develop that disease. Instead, GeneXvitae will help you to reduce the risk by means of adapting your nutrition and lifestyle to your metabolism and gene profile.

Yes, it can be used to improve your exercise routine. A professional of the area (personal trainer and/or nutritionist) must evaluate the report with your results and modify your exercise routine to better adapt it to your metabolism.