Personalized nutritional study

Personalized nutritional study
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GeneXVitae is a comprehensive, simple and precise genetic study that allows us to establish a personalized nutritional action plan

Currently, chronic noncommunicable diseases such as cardiovascular disease, obesity, cancer and diabetes are responsible for 35 million deaths per year worldwide. In Europe, these diseases account for 70% of all deaths, and it is estimated that they will increase to 80% by 2030.
However, everybody does not have the same risk of suffering from these diseases and we do not react equally to a bad diet. Humans are 99.9% genetically identical, while the variation in the remaining 0.1% is responsible for our phenotypic differences: hair color, skin color, weight, risk of suffering from certain diseases…

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Nutrition is a key factor in the development of complex diseases. Therefore, nutrigenetics and nutrigenomics are becoming increasingly important as prevention and treatment tools.
Nutrigenetics is responsible for studying the response of each individual to a specific diet, and this depends on individual genetic variation. The discovery of gene-nutrient interactions gives scientific support to personalized nutritional recommendations, with the aim of preventing diseases or optimizing treatments.


In this genetic study, DNA extracted from blood or saliva samples is analyzed in order to study individual genetic variation in 131 genetic variants of 87 loci.
The variants included in the study have been associated with specific nutritional requirements, sensitivity to certain components of the diet, increased risk of developing complex diseases (such as hypertension, diabetes, cardiovascular disease or hypercholesterolemia) and the effectiveness of certain pharmacological treatments.
In addition, it includes a detailed immunological study of IgG-mediated allergies and intolerances on the 46 most prominent foods which patients could be intolerant to.
All this information is reflected in the following areas:Nutricion Ingles


Genotyping is performed using a DNA microchip on a high technology platform that combines the advantages of using specific primers with MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry.
Identified associations between genes and the body’s response to food intake or the genetic risk that predisposes to different diseases are supported by validated scientific studies.


With an innovative approach to personalized medicine, it provides:
1. Global and integrated vision of the genetic profile of each patient.
2. Practical and simple genetic information that has an impact on the patient’s daily life.
3. Detailed action plan that is designed based on the individual genetic profile. These recommendations are useful to avoid unnecessary nutritional restrictions, allowing the elaboration of nutritional plans that are adapted to the metabolism of each individual, and thus, facilitating the achievement of long-term objectives.