Genetic Test for Hereditary Thrombophilia



The TromboGene from Heart Genetics is a genetic test for Hereditary Thrombophilic (TRB) related to Venous Thromboembolic Disease (VTD), Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT), Pulmonary Embolism (PE) and Arterial Thrombosis (AT). This kind of heart disease have a worldwide prevalence of 10% and the risk of thrombophilia increase up to 50% in individuals with a familial history as one of the leading cause of fetal loss. It is a widely tested service as it uses the Genotyping technology iPlex MassArray equipment Thermo Scientific™.

  • Analyzes 11 genes and 15 genetic variants involved with natural inhibitors deficiency and the clotting factors synthesis.
  • Indicated for people with a personal or familial thrombotic history
  • Suitable for individuals with no ancestry of VTD but exposed to environmental risk factors such as prolonged immobilization, long trips, major surgery, vessels or muscle lesions, puerperium, chronic diseases, advanced age.
  • Stratify individual or familial risk of Thrombophilia.
  • Helps to establish preventive measures versus positive outcome: Familial planning, changing in lifestyle, adaptation of therapy.
  • The test has an accuracy of 99%.
  • The kit uses total peripheral blood (4 mL or 2x3mL EDTA or CITRATE tubes) or Saliva to perform genotyping in multiple chip
  • Results available from 10 days with delivery at room temperature


  • Warfarin™ pharmacogenetic.

Pre and post-test comprehensive genetic counseling by our technicians with advanced specific training and facilitate informed decision-making for each patient.

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