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It is a comprehensive, three-pronged study of endometrial functionality and receptivity. It consists of a single test capable of analyzing the endometrium in an integrated manner by combining the determination of receptivity through its transcriptomics with an analysis of the immunological and microbiological status that defines the functional potential of the endometrial tissue.
Receptivity, Immunology and Microbiome
It is a genomic test that measures the expression of those relevant genes that are regulated by hormones which help us determine the moment in which a patient's implantation window takes place, thus informing the physician of the most appropriate time for embryo transfer to increase the probability of achieving pregnancy.
Study of the immunological status of the endometrium to detect the presence of immune alterations that may interfere with pregnancy.
Multifactorial study for vaginal dysbiosis and mucosal immune status.
Genetic study of specific chromosomal variants that constitute a genetic risk factor. The chromosomes are analyzed from cells obtained from tissues and culture collection under appropriate conditions, to obtain cells at a stage of cell division that allows us to visualize the chromosomes. These are sorted by size, thus obtaining the karyotype. Results in 15 days from blood sample.
Conventional and high resolution
Genetic study on variants associated with the coagulation cascade. It analyzes 15 genetic variants in a total of 11 genes. Possibility of including pharmacogenetic studies for Warfarin. Results in 10 days from blood or saliva samples.
Hereditary thrombophilias
It is a genetic test that can determine a couple's risk of having a child affected by a genetic condition or disease. Typically, carriers of a genetic condition are healthy and unaware of their risk. If their partner is also a carrier of the same condition, they have an increased risk of having a child affected by a genetic condition or disease.
Carrier Screening
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