Monica Álvarez

Neurodegeneration with Brain Iron Accumulation (NBIA) affects 3 out of a million people, presenting itself as progressive degenerative disease with a similarcondition to Alzheimer's disease. This rare genetic-based disease occurs precocious childhood or late form BrainCure, a Pronacera Project, aims to provide better attention and higher quality of life to these patients through their personalized medicine.


Patients with NBIA suffer from difficulty swallowing, general muscle atrophy and dementia, making them totally dependent.

As a result of the scarcity of diagnostic methods, drugs screening platforms and effective treatments, these patients derive in an extensive use of medical care.

All these lacks lead to many cases of death before the age of 25.


Pronacera, within BrainCure, has developed cellular banks, in addition to effective markers thats allow a correct diagnosis, monitoring and development of pathophysiological alterations tests, in addition to screening with drugs indicated for the disease.

We have also developed screening platforms with producto libraries that can be used for NBIA, contributing with personalized recommendations of an appropriate treatment ar "in vitro" level.


BrainCure presents two main advantages that emerge from the same technology the creation of personalized pratforms using patient's own cells in which can be assessed the patient's help pharmaceutical companies to have a new tool to evaluate the success of new treatments or the repositioning of treatments approved be EMA and FDA


Pronacera has implemented a hybrid bussiness model in which besides the line BrainCure, with the development of neurodegeneretive screening platforms, it gets return with the distribution of genetic kit for assited reproduction, gynecology, fertility, cancer, cardiology and human health.


  • The Project aims to help all patients wordeide suffering fon NBIA
  • BrainCure currently has a 100% positive relationship and a perfect correlation in patients in which it has inluenced (n=10) arriving even in some cases to recover mobility


José A Sánchez Alcázar - Founder & Scientific director

David Cotán Marín - Founder & CTO

Monica Álvarez Córdoba - Project Manager