Genetic and Molecular Tests

We put at your disposal genetic and molecular tools for the study of fertility, nutrition, general health, fibromyalgia among others

Reproductive health

Our tests on Endometrial receptivity, Endometrial Functionality , Immunology, Genetic compatibility, Thrombophilias, Karyotype

Nutritional Health

Personalized studies on nutrition. we help you to know what to eat to improve your eating habits. Not everyone can eat the same.

General Health

The most complete evaluation of hereditary general health. Evaluations on hereditary cancer, cardiovascular diseases among others.

Inflammatory diseases

Fibromyalgia tools. Assist the doctor in diagnosing the disease and monitoring the patient


PRONACERA THERAPEUTICS S.L. is a biotech company based on the talent of our young researchers as an engine for the development of biotechnological treatments. Apply the knowledge gained from our own research and contribute to the optimization of human health system are some milestones in the company. Our main objective are patients with an impaired quality of life for their lack of treatment.

Pronacera emerges as Spin Off Group of Physiology, Anatomy and Cell Biology at the University Pablo Olavide whose origins date back to 2011.


Every week we update our section with new news, where you can get a great source of information on assisted reproduction, nutrigenetics, fibromyalgia, etc.




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